Water & Fire Features

Stunning Water and Fire Features

Orlando Outdoor Living specializes in creating visual appeal with captivating water and fire features in the greater Central Florida area. Enhance your outdoor entertainment area with unique custom designs and elements. Add an atmosphere of elegance to your outdoor living. We have an exceptional selection of water and fire features for your home or business. Upgrade your outdoor spaces to new levels of luxury and comfort. Our expert team is here to transform your outdoor area with unique features thoughtfully curated for a cozy and relaxing ambiance. Light up your landscape with stunning water and fire focal points to enhance any space.
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fire table outside on patio

Enhance Your Backyard Oasis

Our water and fire features are designed to offer a harmonious blend of visual appeal, functionality, and relaxation. Fire and water features enhance any space they are added to. Our diverse assortment of designs appeals to a wide variety of preferences and styles. We have an abundance of options to create a beautiful atmosphere for your outdoor living space. Sit back and relax while enjoying the soothing and sophisticated features of an outdoor fountain or fireplace. Watch beautiful flames or trickling water from the comfort of your home. Our team will help you select the best designs to create the ultimate backyard experience.

The features we offer include

  • Fire Features: Install fire tables or fire torches for incredible ambient lighting and flame.
  • Water Features: We can incorporate water features in many different ways, whether you want water coming from a pergola or a fire bowl.


Create a sense of serenity and elegance with a stunning waterfall.


Enjoy the relaxing sound of trickling water in your outdoor space.

Water Curtains

Install a beautiful water curtain to enhance your backyard aesthetic.

Fire Tables

Listen to the crackling flames when enjoying your cozy outdoor environment.


Provide an enchanting ambiance with the glow and warmth of an outdoor fireplace.

Fire Bowls

Burn a small bonfire in your backyard with this sleek and modern design feature.

Ambiance for Your Outdoor Living

Create a cozy environment with our expertly designed fire and water features. These unique elements are used to enhance the natural ambiance and visual appeal of your outdoor space. We provide stunning designs to improve your outdoor environment, including waterfalls, fountains, fire pits, and lighting. These simple but inspiring features add charm and elegance to your outdoor living area. Captivate your guests with water curtains, or enchant your loved ones with a warm and cozy outdoor fireplace. Our team incorporates skillful designs and cutting-edge technology to implement water and fire elements into your home. We’ll help you craft an outdoor environment that captures your unique aesthetic.
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